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At Audere Partners, we believe that only by acting boldly, will we enable profound, lasting change. We foster radical change via a pragmatic focus on the behavior of ALL individuals throughout the organization. We focus on aligning goals and behaviors through our review of key success drivers. We are focused on driving client success.

Our Services

People & Organization

We believe that people are the key to change within an organization. Our Organizational Effectiveness offering focuses on every aspect of Organizational Development and people strategies. We have created an innovative approach to Leadership Development. Our approach guides and develops all leaders from the frontline to senior leaders with daily one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

Large Scale Change Management

Audere Partners believes that organizational success is a direct result of unlocking individual and collective potential. We believe in working closely with each client to manage and mentor teams through the entire change process, focusing on delivering sustainable breakthrough performance and results.

Operational Excellence

Audere Partners enables clients to pursue excellence across their entire value chain, from operational strategy, implementation of the operational plan, manufacturing, supply chain management and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), to name a few. We leverage our collective knowledge and experience to drive behavior change to deliver sustainable results. Our tools and methodologies cater to specific client needs; we do not subscribe to a “one size fits all” philosophy. It truly is about tailoring solutions, collaboration and client success

Management Operating System

Audere Partners links and aligns short, medium and long-term goals throughout the organization to ensure that the metrics and accountabilities are clearly defined and articulated. Audere Partners ensures people and processes are managed effectively through a robust Management Operating System (MOS) – making sure the right people have the correct information at the right time to collaboratively make critical performance-driving decisions.

Business Process Reengineering

Audere Partners helps our clients fundamentally alter the way they execute business processes. We use an extensive range of tools and methodologies including Lean and Six Sigma, to drastically reduce non-productive activities, develop a critical path, minimize waste and eliminate parallel processes wherever possible. We teach our clients how to better manage bottlenecks for optimized flow and performance.

Cost Management

Audere Partners works with clients to develop and execute innovative cost management strategies. Deploying, managing and optimizing the financial resources (e.g., labor, raw materials, energy, transport, sales, general and administrative) to drive sustainable results.

New Product Development

New Product Development has always been essential for all successful organizations. Today, with ever-increasing levels of competition, aligned with markets and trends changing more rapidly, and more significantly than at any time in our history, it is critical for organizations to reduce the cycle time to develop and refine products/services. Additionally, globalization of markets has changed the very dynamic of new product development; planning must now include global distribution, legal and regulatory challenges.  The NPD landscape has changed; there is an urgent need for a more disciplined process and management systems. Organizations must react more rapidly in the allocation of resources when the desired outcomes are looking unlikely. At Audere Partners, we believe that it is this discipline that will help organizations maintain and grow market positions in light of ever-increasing competition.

Production Optimization

Audere Partners provides proven solutions to improve the entire production process from reducing bottlenecks, reducing cycle times, increasing throughput and realizing hidden potential. Our teams focus extensively on maintenance and reliability to increase uptime and asset integrity, and ultimately, to positively impact Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Supply Chain Management

At Audere Partners, we believe that significant opportunities exist to improve the profitability of a company through how well it manages and optimizes its supply chain. To address the multitude of challenges, designing an integrated, optimized, and sustainable supply chain process and the system is complex. We strongly believe that supply chain processes have to be managed end-to-end, including supplier relationships, production planning, supplier management, inventory planning, demand forecasting, manufacturing, and customer segmentation and management, to name some. Our focus in designing an optimized supply chain includes physical, informational and financial flows across the end-to-end value chain.

Technology Enablement

Audere Partners assists clients in better deploying new (and existing) technology to support strategic plans and business processes. Key technology includes ERP optimization, Supply Chain integration, scheduling and planning, work management, reliability-centered maintenance, and process integration systems.

Industry 4.0

Audere Partners understands the implications of Industry 4.0 or the Factory of the Future. People and machines will be able to impact process inefficiencies or market condition changes in real time.  Audere Partners deep history in effecting change and empowering people in operations across all industries can partner with you and your organization to unleash the total value of your digital investment and achieve the operational benefits Industry 4.0 has been designed to deliver.

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