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Return on Investment

We skyrocket our clients' benefits

The ratio of consulting fees to annualized benefits is typically 5:1 or greater

Many times, it’s even more. Benefits that recur year after year. Tracked and verified by our clients.

We commit to the benefits at the beginning of the project

Fixed-fee professional fees
We price our engagements on a fixed fee basis, which helps our clients understand the investment required to deliver our change programs and determine project ROI with certainty.
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Case Studies

Benefits can take a number of forms

Increased revenue, reduced costs, improved cashflow. Here are a few of our case studies:

25:1 ROI

Specialty chemicals company released $13M in cash flow

Packaging & shipping warehouse improves standardized methodology
Reduction of recordable safety incidents
Reduction of customer complaints
Improvement in on-time deliveries
Increased production out-put in targeted operations

5.3:1 ROI

Upstream oil & gas company reduced pad to power-up cycle time by 50%

5:1 ROI

Global construction products company optimized product & customer portfolio to improve bottom line

O&G company that optimize drilling operations


Improvement in the volume of permits approved monthly


Improvement in process cycle time (52 days)

2.7:1 ROI

Northern American specialty chemical company reduces fixed cost by 15%

11.5:1 ROI

Infrastructure business increased opportunistic trucked-in NGL volumes by 30%

2:1 ROI

Surfactants company cut costs & enhanced testing standards during the COVID-19 surge in demand

8.4:1 ROI

Global specialty chemical company reduced labor costs by 13%, saving $6.87M


Capital efficiency benefits identified for utility company ranged 8-11%

16.5:1 ROI

O&G company reduced drilling days per well by 6.8 days, saving $47.7M

2:1 ROI

Global specialty chemical company improved PM completion rate by 433%

Specialty chemicals company improved reliability from higher schedule attainment


Increased Wrench time productivity


Increased plant output

7:1 ROI

70-year-old commodity chemical plant production output exceeds historical best

3:1 ROI

Food & beverage company increased shipping volumes by 30%

4:1 ROI

Water meter manufacturer avoids $15MM capital cost

9:1 ROI

Global construction products company achieved 1.1% reduction in COGS of $11.2M

17:1 ROI

Global construction materials company reduced indirect spend by 11%, saving $7.4M

3.6:1 ROI

Global specialty & intermediate chemical company upgraded supply chain, saving $16.8M

13.9:1 ROI

A Global Flavorings Company optimized production throughput in 5-months, saving $10.3M

Specialty chemicals company achieved over 15% in sustainable production volume increase


Reduction in emergency maintenance losses


Reduction in normal-scheduled outages

7:1 ROI

Soda Ash company reduced output lost due to emergency maintenance by 70%

O&G Company optimized business operations
Improvement in base well production
Reduction pad and facilities construction cycle times
Increase in horizontal wells released to drill
Reduction of workover cycle times
Improved workover rate (79% to 113%)

25:1 ROI

Global construction materials company improved cash flow by $13M

Cheese-processing plant that optimize their lean manufacturing tools


Direct Labor Productivity improvement on 3 key packaging lines


Product yield improvement

23:1 ROI

Global construction materials company reversed COGS trend, saving $14.6M

5.1:1 ROI

Specialty chemicals company implements fit-for-purpose lean practices, saving $6.8M