Audere Team

Jim Murdoch

Managing Partner

Data – Numbers- spreadsheets. Most of our clients are drowning in financial data with the limited ability to convert the data into meaningful information and wisdom. Jim is our ‘numbers guy’. He provides analysis and clarity, helping our clients turn the mountains of data into actionable intelligence, thus providing the foundation used to develop meaningful financial and operational targets and objectives. Through his relentless pursuit of business improvement opportunities, he has delivered over $750 million in financial and operational benefits, and equally important, identified a similar number of financial benefits. Jim interests are varied, but he has been known to sport a Kilt and sample the Scotch in deference to his family history – we don’t know if he has taken up bagpipes. More often, he can be found in Napa Valley moonlighting as an oenophile.

Jim has a Bachelor of Science degree in Managerial Economics from Carnegie Mellon University.

When not delivering sage words of wisdom, Barry can be found participating in ocean sports/activities – no lying on the beach for him. He is equally likely to be found enjoying a Starbucks Chai Latte and catching up on all things Tottenham Hotspur from the English Premier League.

Personally, my goal is to turn operational consulting on its head; I want to revolutionize this industry and Audere Partners provides the perfect platform for me to do that. I firmly believe in the foundation Audere Partners established focusing on the Values: Client Success, Integrity, Respect, Safety, Collaboration, and Innovation.