Audere Team

Jean Frolet

Vice President

Jean has 30 yrs experience in Change Management, where he has implemented new systems, processes and organizations in businesses such as Automotive, Aerospace, Insurance and Chemicals. He is a Lean Six Sigma Practitioner with a particular affinity for teasing out patterns from data which has helped him re-design financial reporting systems, re- engineer Quality organizations and simplify assembly lines. Professionally Jean relishes the “aha” moment when his clients realize the untapped potential in their organizations and they are ready to implement meaningful change.

Jean considers himself a world citizen having lived in Canada, France, Japan, Madagascar, South Africa, U.K. and the U.S.

Not surprising for a Frenchman, Jean loves his food and he has never found a restaurant that he’s not willing to try. He is fascinated by technology and enjoys both history and literature in his spare time.

Jean earned his MBA and a B.S. in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Witwatersrand, one of South Africa’s top rated academic institutions.