Audere Team

Jason Armistead

Managing Partner

Jason is our man of action and very few words. He leads by example and is an excellent mentor for both the Audere Partners and client teams alike. His coaching and leadership development efforts focus on spurring his teams to action, with emphasis on actions that create desired outcomes. An additional attribute is that Jason will always look to provide lessons in both the “stumbles” and “successes”; his 20+ years in consulting have taught him that you cannot have one without the other! FAIL for Jason means “First Attempt In Learning” and he always finds the opportunities for growth. Since he is still waiting for the Penguins of Antarctica to request Leadership Development Training, he has only worked on 6 continents, delivering almost $1 billion in annualized benefits for 28 global clients. When not coaching the next great leader, Jason can be found enjoying any tropical locale, playing golf with his wife and son.

Jason holds a Master of Global Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona.

My number one goal for Audere Partners is to have 100% of our clients singing our praises for the quality of work done, the quality of resources we bring to the table and the sustainable results delivered. One-hundred percent satisfaction is an extremely difficult goal, but we believe it is achievable. To do this, we must get out of our own comfort zones. We must push ourselves and our teams to be bold and daring and to deliver more than they ever have before.