Audere Team

Barry Samria

Managing Partner

Barry’s most important strength for Audere Partners is his ability to foster long-term relationships. His humor and understanding of organizational behavior and human nature have allowed him to develop meaningful, change-oriented relationships with clients at all organizational levels. His latest interest is improving both individual and team creativity in the workplace, by optimizing and harnessing the top attributes of introverts and extroverts, to create more meaningful solutions and better work environments.

When not delivering sage words of wisdom, Barry can be found participating in ocean sports/activities – no lying on the beach for him. He is equally likely to be found enjoying a Starbucks Chai Latte and catching up on all things Tottenham Hotspur from the English Premier League.

I want all our clients to be successful; their success is our success. I want to see each one of us constantly challenging accepted wisdom, looking to constantly build upon, and innovate on our approach, frameworks, tools, methodologies, etc.