Optimize capacity utilization to deliver significant and sustainable results

Our partnership helps our clients – across several sectors, including Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Metals and Mining, Life Sciences, Food Beverage, Paper and Tissue, and Packaging – deliver best-in-class performance across a wide array of performance metrics.

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Together, we rapidly develop and deploy a digital roadmap and maximize potential from current operating assets
AI and IoT platform


Quartic.ai has developed a robust A.I platform that helps companies overcome the demanding challenge of deploying smart manufacturing technology rapidly to deliver peak operational performance and efficiency faster.

Smart Data
Whether our clients’ manufacturing data is in a cloud data lake or at the edge, the Quartic AI Platform connects easily to the data and turns it into analytics-ready smart data with dynamic context.
Automated Machine Learning
The Platform’s automated machine-learning lets you build AI applications using problem solving workflows and combines it with complex event processing for deployment of for streaming analytics in stress-tested, reliable micro-services framework.
Industrial workflows
Flexible, well understood industrial workflows reduce customization efforts to bring speed to our clients’ enterprise-wide scaling, increase IT-OT alignment, and speed up adoption.
Audere Partners
Operations Consulting Firm

Audere Partners

As an operations management consultancy, we collaborate with businesses to analyze operations, identify improvements and deliver annualized savings so you can ensure the best return on every dollar spent.

Coaches, guides and mentors all levels of your organization – from the C-suite to the Shop Floor
Rigorous analysis every facet of your business, inside and out, to identify every opportunity that creates tangible and rapid business results
Drives knowledge transfer to your organization from top to bottom to ensure that employees continually deliver sustainable value for the organization
Ability to execute change programs, which differentiates us from other consultants
Implementing streamlined processes and robust Management Systems to drive employee engagement and deliver rapid and sustainable results

The Quartic.ai platform is not only intuitive but provides the ability to implement rapidly for our clients

By seamlessly integrating digitalization technology platforms with traditional Change Management, the Quartic/AI partnership is rapidly able to drive operational efficiency and effectiveness to deliver best-in-class performance. Our combined approach to implementation focuses on rapidly integrating Management Systems with AI-enabled streamlined processes, simultaneously delivering required workforce training and development to ensure that the tools and methodologies are utilized effectively to deliver the desired objectives and results.

Illumniator™ OT Data Lake and Pipeline
Build and manage an OT data lake that provides IIoT, OT, MES, and ERP data in dynamic context to applications in Quartic Intelligence Engine
eXponence™ Intelligence Engine
Automated machine learning, a rules engine, and complex event processing to build operations intelligence applications. The intelligence is then used in industrial workflows for reliability, quality, throughput, and energy to drive operational efficiency actions.
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Change is Within Reach

Change does not have to be a massive, radical, revolutionary transformation to realize these benefits. Any good change management program comes in bite-sized, manageable stages.