Near Miss Management

Designed for process and energy industries, our partnership enables operators to address the issue before it becomes an actual problem causing costly production shut-ins and delays, or worse, adverse impacts to health, safety or the environment.

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Together, we rapidly reduce exposure to process risk, optimize capacity utilization and deliver significant and sustainable results
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Near-Miss Management focuses solely on process and energy industries to provide advance warning on hidden potential process upsets, typically days or weeks before the actual alarm. This enables operators to address the issue before it becomes an actual problem causing costly production shut-ins and delays, or worse, negative impacts to health, safety or environment.

Reduces unexpected shutdowns and process failures
Increases on-stream efficiency and capacity utilization
Improves process safety and reliability
Audere Partners
Operations Consulting Firm

Audere Partners

As an operations management consultancy, we collaborate with businesses to analyze operations, identify improvements and deliver annualized savings so you can ensure the best return on every dollar spent.

Coaches, guides and mentors all levels of your organization – from the C-suite to the Shop Floor
Rigorous analysis every facet of your business, inside and out, to identify every opportunity that creates tangible and rapid business results
Drives knowledge transfer to your organization from top to bottom to ensure that employees continually deliver sustainable value for the organization
Ability to execute change programs, which differentiates us from other consultants
Implementing streamlined processes and robust Management Systems to drive employee engagement and deliver rapid and sustainable results

Rapid implementation with minimal commitment from our clients

In utilizing the capabilities of Near-Miss Management as part of a broader operations excellence implementation, it enables our implementation teams to deliver results far more easily given the access and utilization of NMM’s robust IoT platform. There are many additional benefits including the ability to implement the platform rapidly with minimal time commitments or resource requirements from our clients. Our clients see almost immediate results in process safety improvements and overall equipment reliability.

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Change is Within Reach

Change does not have to be a massive, radical, revolutionary transformation to realize these benefits. Any good change management program comes in bite-sized, manageable stages.