We've partnered with FactoryEye to deliver our clients a digitalization roadmap and implement a pilot in 90 days

The partnership allows us to meet all of our client’s wide-ranging needs and develop more holistic solutions with greater certainty and sustainability.

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Together, we enable companies to begin the journey to delivering Smart Factory results in 90 days, including small and medium-sized organizations!
Tools & Technology


FactoryEye is a comprehensive Industry 4.0 solution designed to help manufacturers improve business performance by connecting, analyzing, and delivering data, information, and knowledge to decision-makers at every level of the organization. The solution enables decision-makers to make accurate, informed decisions in real-time.

Connects all of the machines in the production process irrespective of maturity
Enables a seamless transition with current IT infrastructure through Plug and Play capabilities. Providing easy accessibility for users
Readily integrates legacy systems, enabling operators to use up-to-the-minute data to drive performance improvements continuously
Predictive analysis to foresee problems before they happen and address them to ensure that negative production impacts are minimized
Audere Partners
Operations Consulting Firm

Audere Partners

We are an Operations Management Consultancy who collaborates with businesses to analyze operations, identify improvements and deliver annualized savings so you can ensure the best return on every dollar spent.

Coaches, guides and mentors all levels of your organization – from the C-suite to the Shop Floor
Rigorous analysis every facet of your business, inside and out, to identify every opportunity that creates tangible and rapid business results
Drives knowledge transfer to your organization from top to bottom to ensure that employees continually deliver sustainable value for the organization
Ability to execute change programs, which differentiates us from other consultants
Implementing streamlined processes and robust Management Systems to drive employee engagement and deliver rapid and sustainable results

The 90-Day Program in Practice

Designed to help businesses compete and deliver new performance levels by enabling, connecting, analyzing, and delivering up-to-the-second data, information and knowledge anytime, anywhere to all the necessary decision-makers to make robust and informed decisions in real-time, with certainty.


Develop a digital vision

Make an honest assessment of where you are today and then look out 1, 3, and 5 years.

What do you want the organization to achieve?

What is the ecosystem you want to create?

If this vision is linked to the business strategy and objectives, not technology buzz, then it is more likely to get the C-Suite commitment. Five years is a long way out, and certainly, technology and business conditions will change, but you can plan with a higher degree of certainty in the nearer term. It is crucial Operations has a high degree of input to guide the need/solution conversation. It is important to frame this vision around the desired future state outcomes enabled by the technology toolbox.


Prioritize your outcomes and build a roadmap

Clarity of outcomes is essential, and these must be built out at the business level. Otherwise, you will fail to build the case for change.

Where are the areas you want to see an immediate impact?

Think smaller than the plant level – perhaps it is a single machine or production line. If you want to establish a “Smart Factory” in two years, build it in incremental steps that can be scaled quickly. Do not start with an “end to end” solution encompassing sales, customer service, and logistics that might stretch resources and risk failure.


Harness the power of your people

It is crucial to prioritize your people during any change management program.

Make them an integral part of the process and show them how the right tools and information, in their hands, is a win-win. They will not be replaced by machines but instead will get better visibility of how to drive efficiency. Build the right culture that celebrates the full advantage of the technology. By making the data available in a user-friendly format, they get meaningful information and real-time actionable insights that will make them more efficient in their job. And do not forget to reward them for doing so.


'Right Fit' the technology

Choose the right tools that align with your roadmap.

This is how you avoid jumping on the latest trend, but instead focus on the right type and investment that will help achieve your immediate goals. Look for solutions that integrate with your legacy equipment and software systems. Beware of solution providers that can automate the factory floor but cannot give you the actionable functionality layer without costly new middleware and systems. The right business case and route to strong ROI rely on a measured, incremental approach.


Get the decision-making framework right

The right technology is crucial, and focusing on your people is a given, but to make the people-technology equation work, you need to ensure you have the right Decision-Making Framework in place (your Management Operating System).

What data do you want to collect, and how will that be interpreted to support the KPIs that drive the business?

Are they the right measures, and do any KPIs compete across functional groups?

It is important to break down any silos of information and drive an automated, digital, and accurate picture. The technological solution alone cannot solve misunderstandings between the shop floor and the top floor. Worse, if the technology is installed on top of an inefficient Management Operating System, then you risk baking in and compounding problems.


Determine how to measure the impact and celebrate success

Collaboratively develop the mechanism to track activities clearly and evaluate measurable results – both quantitative and qualitative.

An OEE improvement is easily observed with the right tools and should feed directly into an uplift in throughput. Machine monitoring should impact predictive maintenance modeling and a reduction in unplanned downtime. Both examples have defined financial benefits. However, the human impact is likely more difficult to measure. An improved sense of empowerment for an operator may turn into a better attitude, reduced turnover, and absenteeism. Whatever the impacts, they all need to be built into the business case and ROI equation – it is those successes will enable you to continue your digital journey.

The achievable roadmap for any company
Case Studies

Change is Within Reach

Change does not have to be a massive, radical, revolutionary transformation to realize these benefits. Any good change management program comes in bite-sized, manageable stages.

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