Audere Partners works closely and collaboratively with our clients to develop solutions addressing issues throughout the hydrocarbon value chain, Downstream, Mid-Stream, and Upstream. From increasing the throughput of permits and operations margins to reducing spud-to-spud cycle time, Audere is unsurpassed in the field of energy value chain enhancement.

Industry Approach

We focus on radical behavior change at every level of the organization.


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Drive Change Management


Change Behaviors


Deliver Results

Key Intiatives

Issues We Solve

High Lease Operating Expense

Insufficient Cashflow that constrains new capital expenditures

Insufficient accountability for performance & cots management

Operators are gauge readers, not optimizers

Lack of expected return from the investment in automation

Supervisors bogged down on administration, not spending time in the field

Slow speed of receiving permits to keep rig fleet busy

Facilities construction projects overrun on time and cost

Drilling & Completion cycle times are too long

Tribal knowledge is not consistently turned into repeatable best practice

Repeated mistakes, and never getting to the root cause

Lack of management bandwidth to take on more improvement projects

Lack of frontline engagement

Workovers are problematic—take too long and we are inconsistent

Unable to grow just by adding more people; in need of processes and systems that can scale

Return On Investment

The ratio of annualized benefits to consulting fees is typically 5:1 or greater.

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