Audere Partners will partner with you and your management teams and other key stakeholders to transform your operations into the next digital revolution; while focusing on changing business outcomes versus just applying the future technology or solution.

Audere can help empower your people to manage operational variances and risk at the highest level while embracing the newest technologies and solutions. We understand the end-to-end constraints of the mining value chain, and we collaborate with organizations to identify, assess and address challenges and opportunities, to deliver tangible value across the entire value chain from “Pit-to-Port.”

Industry Approach

We focus on radical behavior change at every level of the organization.


Define Potential


Drive Change Management


Change Behaviors


Deliver Results

Key Intiatives

Areas of Value Creation

Pit and Resources Optimization

Milling and Processing Improvements

Maintenance and Reliability

Monetization of Digital Journey

Operational Risk Management

Skills Gaps around Technology Adoption

Capital Projects Operational Readiness

Management Systems / Mine of the Future

Benefits Delivered

Increased Asset Utilization

Safety and Operational Risk Mitigation

Monetization of Digital Investments

Skills Gap Closure

Empowerment of People

Expanded Ballance Sheet Organically

Sustainable Management Systems

Issues We Solve

Cyclical commodity prices

An aging workforce with lagging technological skills

Operationalizing digital solutions

Ineffective safety and risk management in a rapidly changing environment

Rebuilding management operational strategies and systems

Return On Investment

The ratio of annualized benefits to consulting fees is typically 5:1 or greater.

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