From building products to heavy equipment and everything in between - the sheer breadth of manufacturing operations requires an open-minded approach to solving challenges. Audere Partners does not approach manufacturing engagements with a single predefined solution or set of tools. We work with our clients to define the best approach and methodology – considering the organization’s maturity and current situation. We employ a broad set of tools and capabilities to Turn Potential Into Reality®.

Industry Approach

We focus on radical behavior change at every level of the organization.


Define Potential


Drive Change Management


Change Behaviors


Deliver Results

Key Initiatives

Enhance the Safety Culture

Improve and build workforce engagement in safety programs

Reduce recordables and Lost Time Injury rates

Reduce the overall cost of safety

Achieve Operational and Process Excellence

Support the internal Operational Improvement team to achieve the “next level” improvements

Apply lean and continuous improvement to operational processes

People, Process & Organization

Optimize organization structures to create lean organizations and drive cross-functional collaboration

Leadership training to develop leadership skills and capabilities

Optimize Lean end-to-end processes to drive efficient and effective execution of operations

Achieve Maintenance Excellence

Preventative maintenance programs to reduce unplanned downtime

Leverage Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

Build organizational culture and pride in the maintenance

Build robust Management Operating Systems

Build accountability and data-based decision making

Short interval controls

KPIs – metrics designed to track and encourage progress towards critical goals

Master scheduling

Revitalize Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Accurately plan for demand and reduce inventory

Improving the accuracy of order fulfillment/customer sat

Improve throughput (the volume of a first-pass quality product)

Reduce waste and loss in the production process

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) – to ensure maximum production potential

Bottleneck and Root Cause analysis – eliminate chokepoints

Quicker line changeovers

Reduce line stoppages

Improve the planning and execution of planned interruptions

Return On Investment

The ratio of annualized benefits to consulting fees is typically 5:1 or greater.

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