Reduce costs, enhance throughput and manage capital projects

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Energy Sectors

Ability to deploy in small and large companies

As a change management organization, we stand ready to assist our clients as they create and enact large-scale transformational change programs in Oil & Gas, Renewables and Utilities.

Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Upstream, Mid-stream and Down-stream
Solar energy, off-shore & on-shore wind, and hydro power
Generation, transmission, and capital projects management
Oil & Gas

Rebound stronger

Despite the O&G industry being cyclical, this pandemic brought about unprecedented damage. Low demand affected midstream and downstream O&G similarly. Low crude prices are generally suitable for refiners; however, the lack of demand caused the curtailment of production, which has knock-on effects in maintenance and reliability. In addition to working with our clients rebound from the disruption, we also help:

Enhance throughput
Reduce operating costs
Reduce cycle time (and costs) with capital projects and equipment
Receive faster permitting

Drive lean performance

With the public consciousness in favor of clean, cheap electricity as the underpinning of an advanced society, Renewables will make further inroads into the global energy grid. However, on a macro scale, the industry continues to face the technological and political pressures that all disruptive forces have met over the years. The struggle for a straightforward, long-term approach to Renewables is far from over, with legislatures continuing to enact protectionist laws on behalf of coal and oil companies, albeit on a much smaller scale than in the past. Our skills and experiences garnered from other asset-intensive industries allow us to address challenges, including cost and infancy, directly. We help our clients:

Adopt new ways of thinking and acting to build up the norms and practices that will drive lean performance in the future
Manage energy storage as a guard against intermittency
Establish the infrastructure necessary to accomplish a large-scale switch in energy distribution
Use Lean thinking to speed up and improve feasibility studies and permitting
Deployment of large-scale capital equipment (e.g., wind turbines)

Increase the importance of ESG

Utilities are at the forefront of technological change, as aging infrastructure increasingly has to deal with both weather-related challenges and cyber-security issues, all while being driven to incorporate the latest in technological advancement. Electricity, in particular, will continue to grow in importance to developed nations as technology and politics drive shifts in thinking. Companies will need to stay on target to reap the significant long-term benefits. While it is relatively easy to commit to change and assure all parties that long-term direction is correct, it is not a simple matter to enact such change without significant thought and practice. We help our clients with:

Smart metering and deployment of App based customer interaction
Incorporation of renewables into aging grids
Navigating through distributed strategy, two-way sales and pricing
Defense against cybersecurity threats
Complex projects with multiple projects simultaneously
Increasing importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in both tactical and strategic thinking
Suitable navigation strategy and its day-to-day execution
Value Chain

Ensure sustainability by focusing on all levels of the organization

We believe in the apprentice model: authentic learning comes from a combination of close observation of skilled business practices in action, interspersed with guided repetition until skills are transferred and required outputs routinely generated. Ultimately, we’re not here to give our clients a report of what they can do better; we are here to work with them at all levels of the organization to ensure sustainability.

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Featured Capabilities

The foundation of sustainable change is built on four categories of capabilities: People, Process, Systems & Technology

Strategy, People & Organization

Redesign organization structures to reduce costs (both operating expense and G&A) and increase efficiency. Reduce organizational spans and layers to improve communication and responsiveness. Ensure roles and responsibilities are clearly spelled out and known to those holding them.
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Industry 4.0

Switch to remote monitoring via the design and set up of central control facilities, including changes to field personnel responsibilities and responses.

Positive improvements can be made in any of these areas in isolation, but the most powerful results are executed through an integrated approach.

Fee Structure

All Engagements are Fixed-Fee

Our professional fees are based upon the scope of work and the resources required to deliver it. There are no “hidden fees” or surprises that can arise from typical “time and materials” arrangements. We also don’t engage in “value-based pricing,” where fees are a percentage of savings.

Determine the ROI with certainty
Less focus on cost, more on results & deliverables
Committed to the Results
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Return on Investment

Annualized benefits to our consulting fees is typically 10:1 or greater

Benefits can take a number of forms: increased revenue, reduced costs, improved cashflow


Environment responsibility & sustainability

We work with clients to:

Conduct cycle time reductions in drilling, completions and construction, such that heavy equipment can be moved away from well sites earlier, allowing local flora and fauna to reassert itself more quickly
Direct host organizations to focus on rogue emissions via FLIR programs that identify and correct leaks as early as possible
In particular to well site locations, eliminate a great deal of waste with assistance in the drilling permit process