Audere Partners helps clients solve challenges across the entire chemical organization value chain including HSE, Leadership Development, and Operational Excellence. We work with organizations of all sizes in specialty, commodity, and petrochemicals to improve customer satisfaction and profitability.

Industry Approach

We focus on radical behavior change at every level of the organization.


Define Potential


Drive Change Management


Change Behaviors


Deliver Results

Key Initiatives


Define improvements/enhancements to existing safety programs

Improve/build workforce engagement in safety programs

Reduce recordables and Lost Time – Injury stats

Reduce the overall cost of safety

Integration Services

Post-transaction integration of assets/product(s)/business

First 100 Day planning and execution

Location consolidation

Warehousing/Distribution rationalization/consolidation

Improve Plant Turnaround Performance

Enhance detailed planning

Define accountability/responsibility

Enhance $$ Budget accuracy

Enhance time budget accuracy

Improve % of jobs planned vs. completed accuracy

Volume/quality improvement objectives met Insures

Safety during turnaround

Reduce permitting time while improving safety

Operational Due Diligence for M&A activity

An objective review of target operations and capability

General asset and work conditions

Workforce engagement observations

With a client baseline: commentary on the integration approach

Improving throughput (the volume of quality product produced in a given period) by

Reducing unplanned downtime

Reducing reaction time

Improving the planning and execution of planned interruptions

Better production mix planning

Reducing changeovers

Results in reduced cost per unit

Allows clients to meet market demand

Improving the accuracy of order fulfillment/customer sat

Return On Investment

The ratio of annualized benefits to consulting fees is typically 5:1 or greater.

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