Increase Operating Margins

– through Operational Excellence, SPO & cost reduction, Maintenance & Reliability, Procurement, and S&OP

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Chemicals Sectors

Ability to deploy to firms of all sizes

We focus on organizations involved in converting raw materials into finished chemical compounds for business and end use customers.

Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals
Commodity Chemicals
Commodity Chemicals

Face profitability challenges

As the chemical industry grows faster than the overall economy, the effects of the deep freeze and port issues lead to increased demand to refill the supply chain. Companies are facing pricing pressures as competition picks up, and in some cases, increased transportation and raw material cost impact profits. Many are having difficulty finding labor at an affordable cost, especially for the lower-skilled roles.

With significant professional and personal experience and strong relationships throughout the industry, we help our clients’ asset-intensive businesses face these profitability challenges by enabling their People, Processes, Systems and Technology for long-term benefits. In particular, Operational Excellence to help streamline labor raw material consumption and other costs, and Supply chain to better schedule and utilize transportation resources.

When a project is completed and the consultants leave, the knowledge of what was done and how does not leave the building. Individuals within the organization are trained to apply that knowledge, ensuring on going sustainability of the changes we helped enact.

Value Chain

Ensure sustainability by focusing on all levels of the organization

We believe in the apprentice model: authentic learning comes from a combination of close observation of skilled business practices in action, interspersed with guided repetition until skills are transferred and required outputs routinely generated. Ultimately, we’re not here to give our clients a report of what they can do better; we are here to work with them at all levels of the organization to ensure sustainability.

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Featured Capabilities

The foundation of sustainable change is built on four categories of capabilities: People, Process, Systems & Technology

Operational Excellence

Improve maintenance efficiency, asset reliability, production optimization and quality results by implementing Opex processes and behaviors. By collaborating with local companies, improvements, including Preventive Maintenance effectiveness and Production control parameters, are designed and implemented.

Management Operating Systems

Install a system of KPIs that ensure the right information to run the business is reviewed by the right people at the right frequency. Often this includes “visual factory” tools to highlight performance on a real-time basis.
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Strategy, People & Organization

We ensure the correct org structure is established to achieve the agreed strategy, the right people are in the right roles, and leaders are trained on the expectations and behaviors of effective leadership.
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Supply Chain

By implementing S&OP improvements, we help our clients optimize inventory levels, enhance communications across functions and maximize customer satisfaction. Ensuring the correct information feeds into the S&OP process, and all the right decision-makers are involved at the correct times.
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Health, Safety & Environment

As a requirement to operate in today’s environment and ensure employees are safe, we support our clients in elevating their Safety performance through increased employee involvement, enhanced risk identification and mitigation and improve near-miss tracking.
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Positive improvements can be made in any of these areas in isolation, but the most powerful results are executed through an integrated approach.

Fee Structure

All Engagements are Fixed-Fee

Our professional fees are based upon the scope of work and the resources required to deliver it. There are no “hidden fees” or surprises that can arise from typical “time and materials” arrangements. We also don’t engage in “value-based pricing,” where fees are a percentage of savings.

Determine the ROI with certainty
Less focus on cost, more on results & deliverables
Committed to the Results
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Return on Investment

Annualized benefits to our consulting fees is typically 2:1 or greater

Benefits can take a number of forms: increased revenue, reduced costs, improved cashflow


More than operations consulting – we enable technology through our valued partnerships

Develop a digitalization roadmap and implement a pilot in 90 days while delivering tangible results

Designed to help businesses compete and deliver new performance levels by enabling, connecting, analyzing, and delivering up-to-the-second data, information and knowledge anytime, anywhere to all the necessary decision-makers to make robust and informed decisions in real-time, with certainty.

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Rapidly reduce exposure to process risk and optimize capacity utilization to deliver significant and sustainable results

Designed for process and energy industries, our partnership enables operators to address the issue before it becomes an actual problem causing costly production shut-ins and delays, or worse, adverse impacts to health, safety or the environment.

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Overcome the demanding challenge of deploying smart manufacturing technology rapidly to deliver peak operational performance and efficiency faster

Our partnership helps our clients – across several sectors, including Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Metals and Mining, Life Sciences, Food Beverage, Paper and Tissue, and Packaging – deliver best-in-class performance across a wide array of performance metrics.

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