The airline industry is enjoying strong growth and a macro environment that supports continuing growth; the current environment indicates ever increasing passenger numbers, likely more consolidation and stable (and relatively cheap) fuel prices are all playing their role in increasing profitability for the major airlines. At Audere Partners, we believe that this is an excellent time for airlines to drive further efficiencies across a range of potential opportunities. Airlines are facing many challenges that are driving an increasing number of disruptions caused by maintenance issues, labor relations, and likely future cost increases. Airlines must look to the next big things, big data, artificial intelligence, and other technologies to drive future profitability. Audere Partners works with our clients in the industry to ensure that robust foundations are indeed the building blocks of excellence in performance, which in turn allows the industry to innovate to drive improvements in safety and customer satisfaction.

Industry Approach

We focus on radical behavior change at every level of the organization.


Define Potential


Drive Change Management


Change Behaviors


Deliver Results

Key Initiatives

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)

Utilized new technologies, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), etc. to drive down maintenance costs.

More effective planning and scheduling of maintenance through real-time monitoring of physical assets, engines, etc.

Utilizing AI to develop more robust predictive maintenance strategies

Developing and implementing lean techniques to drive significant efficiencies

Continuously upgrading/updating maintenance philosophies and strategies

An integrated Work Management System to Identify, Plan, Schedule, Execute and Close-Out work along with materials management and purchasing

Supply Chain and Procurement processes to drive operational improvements and cost optimization

Material and Inventory management to reduce carrying costs

Data, Analytics, Decision, Actions – AI/IoT

Implementing more robust Management Decision Frameworks

Utilizing the best technology that drives integration, collection and analysis of data

Performance metrics that enable decision-making based on data-driven intelligence and insights

Tracking action mechanisms to ensure that data-driven decisions complete on time

People, Process & Organization

Optimized organization structures to create lean organizations and drive cross-functional collaboration

Leadership training to develop leadership skills and capabilities

Optimized Lean end-to-end processes to drive efficient and effective execution of operations

Return On Investment

The ratio of annualized benefits to consulting fees is typically 5:1 or greater.

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