Our extensive experience in these industries gives us the language, the issues and the levers to pull in any given situation.


Highly experienced in most components of this sector, we speak with authority about drivers of performance and how to influence them. We have a great many contacts in the industry and can match them with a large number of skilled SMEs ready to address their issues.
Oil & Gas
Upstream, Mid-stream and Down-stream
How we help our clients
Solar energy, off-shore & on-shore wind, and hydro power
How we help our clients
Generation, transmission, and capital projects management
How we help our clients


From building products to heavy equipment and everything in between – the sheer breadth of manufacturing operations requires an open-minded approach to solving challenges.
Food & Beverage
Building Supplies
Pulp & Paper
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We focus on organizations involved in converting raw materials into finished chemical compounds for business and end use customers.
Specialty Chemicals
Commodity Chemicals
How we help our clients

Private Equity

With extensive experience throughout Manufacturing, Energy and Chemicals, we work with clients on operational improvement programs that drive benefits, which in result, improves the overall financial performance of the portfolio company.

Everything we do to build our company comes down to making and keeping a single promise:
Turn Potential Into Reality

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