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COVID-19 has impacted political, economic, and social environments like nothing before. The impact on organizations will be felt through their entire value chain, extending to changing labor markets and workplace demographics.
Organizations must respond rapidly by addressing now outdated operating philosophies and frameworks, drive significant reductions in their physical footprint, and find ways to optimize remote working as the new norm. We will see new organizational constructs, reversals on previous supply chain strategies to reduce single-source dependency, and sacrificing some efficiencies to increase choice, flexibility, and agility. Technology will be a crucial enabler, AI/IoT, communication platforms, with robust e-enabled management systems to deliver performance objectives to remote workers.
We at Audere Partners, as lifelong agents of change, understand the stresses and difficulties such change will impose. Utilizing our highly experienced and skilled teams, we can address the revised demands placed on organizations today and prepare for the future by providing expert change management and implementation support.
Time is not our friend; we must move and move fast. We are developing and implementing new operating strategies and frameworks to help you navigate these turbulent times at pace and deliver results.

Virtual Implementation Readiness Assessment

We can help your teams pragmatically and objectively prepare with a process that discerns problems based upon our extensive experience, using a one-of-a-kind implementation assessment / analytic framework. Our expertise has been honed and hardened through hundreds of projects, discretely helping leaders and organizations align, mobilize, and implement change against strenuous time, budget, and resource constraints.

People & Organization Multi-Dimensional Plan

We have identified five key dimensions that need to be shored up in the short and medium-term. Our experts know these people-related issues and can help you quickly assess, define, develop, and implement solutions to address areas most at risk in your organization.

Supply Chain Sourcing

How and where you source materials, components, and products, will need an entirely new set of strategies, with a new set of risk assumptions and models that better define implications (costs) of specific point disruptions to the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

The Six Fundamentals of Remote Leadership

The pressure is mounting to enable your organization to work remotely and effectively. Managing a remote workforce does not have to be much more complicated than managing an onsite team – it merely requires the right tools, training, and mindset – along with discipline and accountability.

Who We Are

We believe that the unique challenges our clients face represent boundless opportunities for improvement. We focus on changing the behaviors at all levels of client organizations to ensure that we Turn Potential Into Reality®. As your partner, we will “Act Boldly” and challenge you to do the same!