Optimizing Mature Onshore Assets

Challenge: A Canadian Operator was confronted with rising operations and maintenance costs in mature assets. Additional challenges included: reducing well and equipment downtime, third-party maintenance costs, and optimizing operator routes.


Suboptimal planning and scheduling resulted in delays in setting up the well jobsite work areas.

Review of current work-orders showed a lack of consistency and critical gaps in data capture.

Most work was not prioritized; job planning and reporting were lacking.

Work prioritization categories showed significant variance between estimated hours and actual hours.

Lack of coordination between support contractors caused on site arrival variations, resulting in additional costs and job completion delays.

Downtime ranged from 3% to 14% depending on area and well type.

Downtime was not consistently analyzed, reviewed, documented or coordinated between Calgary and Field, which resulted in reactive well reliability and maintenance.


Improved skills and competencies in key identified roles, specifically front-line leadership.

Training & Development and LD

Developed process to empower rapid issue resolution and decision-making.

Management Operating System

Implemented a consistent program for maintenance planning and scheduling.

Work management System

Utilized internal resources to execute defined and agreed upon preventative/corrective maintenance routines.

Cost Optimization

Installed revised decision-making processes and Short Interval Controls (SIC) to drive better prioritization and to deliver optimization of well servicing spend.

Cost Optimization and MOS

Implemented and ensured consistent utilization of operating procedures including standards, checklists, troubleshooting guides, and intervention guides.

Operations Excellence

Increased production volumes through more rigorous operation controls and reduction in total hours of surface and sub-surface downtime.

Throughput Optimization

Employed rigorous production and cost management controls e.g. cost tracking tools, intervention guides, troubleshooting guides, etc.



Results of our engagement include:

Delivered savings over $1 million during the first two months of the implementation.

Reduced unscheduled maintenance by 60%.

Reduced impactable operational downtime by 70%.

Reduced well downtime by 40%.

“ We very quickly saw changes in attitudes of the Operators, allowing us to exceed our savings targets”

VP Operations

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