Global Diversified Miner

Challenge: Maintenance cost and Sustainable capital spend for global mining operations were increasing year on year due to lack of visibility of spend, poor maintenance strategies, inefficient/ineffective pm program and compliance, no standardization of work or workflow and poor KPI’s and reporting structures. The corporate goal of reducing annual maintenance spend of $500M annually was embarked on to increase the efficiency of maintenance operations and improve heavy haul fleet, excavators and service assets.


Developed a gap analysis tool with Client to rapidly access the operational gaps at over 9 mine sites globally

Reviewed all maintenance KPI’s and calculations in order to utilize in place best practices across the enterprise

Analyze all maintenance spend and mining asset performance across multiple KPI’s

Identified availability and reliability issues that was driving $/ton cost increases that was systematic across all sights


Developed standard work guidelines for all maintenance activities including, planning/scheduling, pm/PdM, cost metrics and operating KPI’s


Implemented management operating system that foster the proper management activities and responses based on factual information and relative KPI’s

Management Operating System

Designed and trained front line supervisors in corrective actions and conflict management


Designed PM compliance program and initiated RCA’s for all major components



Results of our engagement include:

Improved mechanical availability by 7% and reliability by 9% leading to 3% more total tons hauled

Reduced emergency repairs spend by 35% and avoided $100M in sustainable capital purchases

“[They] delivered benefits of $500M in maintenance and sustainable capital spending reductions as well as improved operations performance across 9 diverse global mine sites”

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