Field Operations Improvement

Challenge: Our client, a DJ Basin Independent Oil & Gas Company, recognized that with unstable oil prices, there was a need to be more efficient and more effective in field operations execution to better optimize cost and production.


Pumpers had large routes with high well and battery counts. All wells were visited daily

There was little capacity in the pumpers day for well optimization, resulting in both higher downtime and poor flow rate performance

Automation was not being utilized to its fullest potential. Available data not being utilized effectively to plan and execute field activities. Actions not being executed in real time

Pumper capabilities, Well management knowledge and skills were not consistent across the team

Performance reviews resulted in a reactive culture

Opportunity to improve communications and interfaces with Production Engineers to drive well optimization

Foremen desk bound and not able to visit the field and coach Pumpers


Well Review procedure implemented that established a frequency of wells visited based on risk


Pumper Routes organized based on reliability, volume and lifting method, creating a window every day for Pumpers to proactively optimize well performance

Route Optimization

Implementation of rationalized downtime codes for root cause analysis and action planning

Production Loss Accounting

Creation of Pumper Handbooks as Pumper reference tools in well management and intervention

Training & Development

Developed improved skill matrices for pumpers, enabling the rollout of a structured Pumper Training program up skilling all pumpers to drive more proactive well management

Training & Development

Reorganization of the Production function creating Optimizers whose role involved analysis of automated real time data to provide solutions for Field Pumpers to optimize well performance

Organization Effectiveness

Leadership training to Foreman level enabling Foremen to spend more time in the field supporting Pumpers

Leadership Development

An integrated Management Operations System e.g. planning, metrics, reports, and meetings enabling performance to be better managed, driving and addressing variances proactively and in a timely manner



Results of our engagement include:

9% improvement in production volume over base

10% reduction in the number of Pumpers

12% reduction in LOE

“I like the fact that we can now drive accountability for performance down to Pumper level and they are responding to the challenge ”

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