Effective Safety Management

Challenge: Client’s EHS performance was meeting basic levels of compliance; increasingly poor incident rates over several years, lack of standardization and usage of installed safety programs, an inconsistent safety culture across the site With inconsistent management involvement.


Safety performance showed a recent rise in the Total Incident Rate (2.1 in 2010 to a rate of 3.7 in Q1 2012 [annualized])

Incomplete and inconsistent usage of industry standard Safety KPIs

Safety data not used to identify trends, improve training, or address awareness needs:
• Top 5 identified behaviors had contributed to 75% of all Safety incidents for several years

Safety training and communications not standardized

Site Management and workforce not fully aligned with the vision of Safety success and compliance to Safety standards:
• Evidence of confusion and/or low compliance on work and housekeeping standards
• Not 100% consensus on the Safety “One Plan”

Use of nonstandard, non-approved homemade tools

Lack of rigor in the follow up of RCA, Safety Audits and investigation findings:
• Only 50 percent compliance in incident recommendations


Designed and implemented a closed-loop Safety Management System


Standardized Safety training, tools, and procedures that have promoted an environment where World-Class Safety performance is a way of life:
• 100% compliance with routine Area Safety Audits, documentation and follow-up (recorded from post-project sustainability audit)
• Standard Safety Meeting reviews and reporting; tracking industry standard KPIs
• Routine Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Safety “One Plan” reviews

EHS & Training & Development

Installed a Safety data management process to gather and analyze all available safety data (SIMS, MSHA, and SWI) to identify “at risk” trends in behavior and condition to promote awareness and training for specific areas and activities:
• Proper and timely Safety communication of risks to improve awareness and drive focused training of the Top 5 “Bad Actors”
• Driving change in SOPs that eliminate and/or reduce risks
• Supports the RCA process


Improved the overall Safety culture and alignment of the site’s Safety vision, use of regular process reviews for Best Practice and Lessons Learned sharing

EHS & Operations Excellence


Results of our engagement include:

55% reduction in MSHA citations (Five consecutive quarters of reduction)

> 95% compliance to Safe Work Permits

Sustainability audit noted a strong improvement in Safety Culture and performance ownership

Since the installation of a more focused Safety Management Program, injuries and incidents are in steady decline, now achieving best performance ever. I think that we have turned the ship, but we need to remain focused each day.”

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