Drilling Optimization

Challenge: The client, an Independent Oil and Gas Company, operating in the Permian Basin was experiencing rapid expansion in Drilling activity. In parallel with the growth, the client was also undertaking a hiring program to fill key positions in Management and Engineering. As a result, they recognized the need for a planning and execution infrastructure, to track performance and costs.


Spud to TD cycle times were on average 10 days longer compared to best-composite well performance

Data recording was inconsistent and in some cases absent, making data analysis problematic

Accountabilities and responsibilities were not clear, particularly in the field execution, leaving overlaps and gaps

Drilling Engineers were overloaded while Company Men were underutilized, creating an obstacle to scalability

There was no consistent ‘Company Way’ or methodology for many basic management and supervisory practices and tools


Implementation of a ”closed loop” management operating system consisting of meetings, reports and KPI’s to control activities, performance and costs through critical gates in the Drilling process

Management Operating System

Development of a Best Composite Well process aligned to drilling stages, AOI and Zones to drive continuous improvement is drilling performance

Drilling & Completions

Creation of a Workflow Tracker that utilized a gate management principles to control lead times for all inputs Pre-Spud, eliminating delays, bottle necks and optimizing resources

D&C and MOS

Field implementation of a Well Planner Tool and standardization of Tour Changes and Hitch Change Meetings

D&C and MOS

Designed and installed an objective scorecard for evaluating rig performance that aligned with client’s goals


Streamlining of data entry and lost time capture in the field, enabling After Action Reviews and continuous improvement

D&C and MOS

Improvements to Rig Move cycle time through implementing a structured “Rig Move on Paper” process



Results of our engagement include:

A reduction of 6.8 days per well on a 12 well rolling average, delivering $47.7MM annualized savings

373 Cumulative days saved equating to $18.66MM providing the opportunity to reduce rig count or drill16 additional wells

“The Audere project has definitely helped us accelerate our results by adding rigor, discipline and structure to processes that were already very good”

VP Drilling

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