Commissioning a Greenfield Site

Challenge: Client invested $100 million USD in a new manufacturing operation in Thailand. The company needed the plant to be cost competitive from the beginning due to market pressures. They wished to have the new organization start with the correct management systems and Behaviors to prevent any costly deviations due to safety, quality or productivity shortfall.


This greenfield facility was commissioned with new local management and operational team. Audere Partners worked side-by-side with management to establish an effective organization structure and management system in each department, integrated across the operation, that would shape the desired Behaviors to achieve safety, cost and productivity targets. Particular focus was given to developing a foundation for best practices in the following areas:

Creating a safety focused culture

Operations Excellence

EHS processes including MOC and safety observation actions management and tracking

Environment, Health & Safety

Team building and maturation

Organizational Effectiveness

Leading teams, setting expectations, delegating, and managing performance

Leadership Development

Shop floor coaching and engagement through structured and frequent Gemba Walks


Lean and six sigma tools including: Visual management, cycle time improvement techniques, pare to analysis and root cause analysis

Operations Excellence

Formalized key processes with RACIs

Process Excellence & OE

Short interval control, production loss accounting

Management Operating System

Management system including planning and performance review meetings and KPIs

Management Operating System


Results of our engagement include:

The commissioning and ramp up schedule was completed on time and on budget while exceeding quality and productivity targets with no EHS incidents.

Key quality, and food safety certifications were passed on the first try, and the operating rhythm of each department was ingrained.

No safety incidents occurred; the structural foundation of the safety culture was installed.

“We Manage the operation without having to yell at one another”

Maintenance Manager

“The new management system allows us to get to root cause and control non-conformance issues quickly… if we didn’t have these tools we would take much longer to achieve resolution”

Quality Manger

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