Airline Maintenance

Challenge: Our client, a major International Airline’s A Checks were taking longer than industry standards and AOG time was increasing with little understanding of primary root causes. Communication between the various functions and within functions also needed improving along with better metrics to provide visibility of performance.


Lack of understanding of root causes for the inability to meet performance expectations

Communications on the shop floor needed to improve considerably

There was very little in the way of a team approach to scheduling and planning driving unnecessary overtime

Front-Line Supervisory levels were providing inadequate supervision and coaching

There were a number of gaps identified with the Organization structure and alignment:
• Roles & Responsibilities not clearly defined nor understood
• Measures and performance expectations not clearly defined or understood
• Organization structure adds unnecessary complexity
• Meetings lacked the right reports and did not necessarily drive the right behaviors


Implemented a robust Work Management System (WMS) to improve planning and scheduling

Management Operating System

Installed visual boards to ensure better compliance to systems and procedures

Management Operating System

Implemented a Management Operating System to provide visibility of performance
• Improved management information
• Appropriate metrics and better reporting structure

Management Operating System

Designed robust engine hours tracking system

Management Operating System

Established departmental and individual Roles & Responsibilities
• Better shift handovers
• Improved communications across shifts

Organizational Effectiveness


Results of our engagement include:

Exceeded forecasted gains both in overall savings and man hours for Checks by double digit percentages

Improved communications protocols internally

Significantly improved compliance with regulatory requirements

“Thanks to this initiative, we have seen improvements across virtually all aspects of our performance. More importantly, our mechanics and supervisors really own the new process and management system”

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