Supply Chain

Tighten Strategy & Build Risk Mitigation

Build a more robust, flexible supply chain to handle all forms of potential disruptions

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Identify, develop, and implant innovative approaches across all elements of the supply chain

– utilizing our proven methodologies, best sourcing practices, and integrating cutting edge IT/A.I.

Sourcing & Procurement

Yield significant benefits in a short period by improving the management of spend and spend controls

We help clients improve the effectiveness and efficiency of spending on materials and services, including capabilities related to transactional improvements.

Improve overall procurement process
Ensure corporate-level negotiated contract terms are being adhered to at a local level
Ensure that suppliers are fully compliant with contract terms
Up-skill the organizational capabilities to become more strategic (e.g. business partners)
Distribution, Warehousing & Logistics

Improve the overall efficiency of warehousing and distribution operations, plus network optimization

We help clients improve warehouse safety and efficiency to reduce inventory levels, freight spend and intra-company shipments.

Improve warehouse layouts
Improve OTIF to customers
Improve safety performance
Reduce detention/demurrage costs
Innovation and New Product Development (NPD)

Better manage the processes by efficiently and effectively using stage-gates

We help clients reduce the amount of time spent on bringing new products/ideas to market, which often results in a competitive advantage and drives faster revenue growth. Killing projects early on in the lifecycle can save costs in the future, avoiding wasted time, effort and resources on something that is not viable.

Adhere to well-documented process and procedures for product development
Improve OTIF by clearly defining roles and responsibilities for NPD activities
Clear governance models
Client Success

Efficient Supply Chain function is critical to any business in any industry

50% reduction in sampleTAT

Surfactants company cut costs & enhanced testing standards during the covid-19 surge in demand


Order fulfillment rates improvement

Orders completed exactly to customer specifications including delivery date and time


Direct Working Capital Reduction

% dependent on initial maturity and company size.

Be a “Preferred Shipper”

Reduction of transportation costs
Reduction of driver dwell time
Improved driver satisfaction

433% Improvement of PM Completion rate

Global specialty & intermediate chemical company upgraded supply chain, saving $16.8M


Higher Customer Satisfaction


More than operations consulting – we enable technology through our valued partnerships

Develop a digitalization roadmap and implement a pilot in 90 days while delivering tangible results

Designed to help businesses compete and deliver new performance levels by enabling, connecting, analyzing, and delivering up-to-the-second data, information and knowledge anytime, anywhere to all the necessary decision-makers to make robust and informed decisions in real-time, with certainty.

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Focus on the individual elements of Supply Chain

We help our clients understand:
What they should provide to the business
How they are organized to provide those services/products
Refine efficient processes for provisioning
Key, critical metrics for measuring, reporting and managing those processes
Managing the people part of these processes through accountability, ownership and the various levels of management skills and capabilities
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