Strategy, People & Organization

Establish a fit-for-purpose structure

Connect organization & people to strategy

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Align every aspect of the organization to people

From strategic plan to organization design to performance-based roles and responsibilities to change enablement, leadership development, and succession plans, we involve all organization levels in a cascading framework to assure a fit-for-purpose outcome.

Strategic Planning

Develop strategic vision

Strategic planning is the foundation of organizational success, but the strategy is only as good as its supporting execution plans. We work with our clients to develop and/or articulate a vision and cascade that into their organization.

Establish/revise purpose, values and vision
Facilitate the development of 3-5-year strategic plan
Build 12 to 18-month SMART execution plans with clear accountability of ownership
Culture Design

Articulate desired culture & analyze the current culture

Culture happens in two ways: organic evolution or purposeful intent to drive a high-performing organization in support of purpose, values, and vision. We work with our clients to articulate their desired culture, analyze the current culture, and develop and implement transformation strategies.

Conduct executive alignment & focus interviews
Deploy organizational diagnostics
Identify gaps
Develop strategies to align targeted facets of the business to build to the desired state
Organizational Design

Diagnose what level of organizational design is required to support goals

Analyze current structure against strategic plans
Identify cross-functional relationship impacts
Establish structure aligned to strategy with fit-for-purpose reporting relationships
Clarify roles & responsibilities and establish key results-based metrics
Change Enablement

Develop a comprehensive change plan to support impacts to the organization and people

Requiring constant oversight and alignment calibration, we work with our clients to determine the type of change their organization needs and conducts organizational diagnostics and assessments.

Change readiness assessment
Stakeholder analysis and management
Communication, training and coaching plans
Targeted leadership development workshops and in-the-moment coaching
Talent & Performance Management

Attract and retain the best talent for the organization

Talent and performance are among the most valuable organizational assets, and the quality of selection and management is critical to success. We work with our clients to identify fit-for-purpose people strategies and measurement criteria and develop plans and tools to ensure they attract and retain the best talent for their organization.

Leadership Development Program Design
Leadership skills & competency analysis
Facilitated workshops & team activities
Individual coaching plans with targeted developmental criteria and time-bound activities
Succession Planning
HR Strategy
Workforce Planning
Talent Acquisition: Sourcing, Recruiting, Onboarding
Talent Development: Competency Modeling & Career Path Design, Retention
Reward & Recognition
Diversity & Inclusion
Client Success

Drive change, promote sustainability and deliver results

16% Total FTE reduction opportunity

Global specialty chemical company reduce personnel cost structure and increase site’s throughput & reliability

25% Direct labor productivity improvement on 3 key packaging lines

Cheese-processing plant developed and implemented a tailored management training for supervision and management

13% Reduction in total salary/ benefit expense identified

Global specialty chemical company reduced Labor costs by 13%, saving $6.87M

Our methodology and approach are
highly effective because everything we do connects to the overarching organizational
goals, objectives, and aspirations.

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