Operational Excellence

Increase asset capacity to meet rising demand

– and reduce costs to maximize operating margins

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Align people and enable tools to improve and achieve the strategy of the organization successfully

It is a strategic differentiator that helps the best companies in market share and maximizes operating margins

Health, Safety & Environment

Improve compliance with environmental regulations

We support our clients in elevating their Safety performance through increased employee involvement, enhanced risk identification and mitigation and improved near-miss tracking.

Lean/Six Sigma

Reduce (or eliminate) waste and cycle time while leveraging work standardization

We help our clients by providing a codified method of reducing or eliminating manufacturing waste and variation, improving customer satisfaction and bottom-line results.

Operational Cost Management

Improve asset capacity and lower per unit or overall operating cost

We help our clients understand OPEX, its component parts, their general trends and how to manage trends/costs going forward. We operate a Working Capital Subject-Matter-Expertise wholly focused on Operating Expense Management and Working Capital Reduction.

Maintenance & Reliability

Increase OEE and reduce labor costs

We leverage installed Computerized Maintenance Management systems (CMMS) to measure and increase wrench-time, increase the pace of work-order execution, balance craft or contractor labor pools, reduce overall cost-per work order, improve labor productivity, efficiency and utilization. All this can be done while broadening supervisory skills, installing better metrics and dashboards, and reducing MRO spares costs.

Production Optimization

Continuously improve production capabilities

We deploy a multi-faceted approach that includes business process reengineering, Management operating systems and metrics management, visual factory techniques, LeanSigma, organizational design, leadership development, supervisory skills development and short-interval control.

Quality Assurance

Boost client confidence, reduce impact of failures & increase competitive advantage

Our network of quality assurance professionals, industry experts, and veteran operators provides a wealth of experience setting up or managing a quality function.
Significant gains can be made in detecting and systemically eliminating quality or potential issues when integrated with associated departments (e.g., operations and sales).

Client Success

Real results and sustainable change delivered through a collaborative process

15% Reduced fixed cost

North American specialty chemical company delivered daily production and yield improvements in all units by eliminating waste and providing short interval control to operators


Increase of OEE


Cost reduction

30% Increased daily throughput through debottlenecking

Water meter manufacturer avoids $15MM capital cost

373 Cumulative drilling days saved over the life of the project

O&G company reduced drilling days per well by 6.8 days, saving $47.7M


Capacity increase

OpEx has likely become a long list of requirements

The majority of companies delayed their OpEx journey when the workforce was forced to work remotely, and initiatives have piled up. We are ready to support our clients by meeting them where they are or restarting their efforts.
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