Industry 4.0

Optimize operating frameworks to utilize technology

Our clients are part of the 25% of organizations that successfully implement IoT

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Gain sustainable results from each particular digitalization element

We help our clients better understand where they need help in reference to Industry 4.0, then help them define their real needs and the appropriate solution for those needs.

Identify the right platform

In collaboration with software and hardware partners, we help our clients identify the right platform for each operating environment.

Optimize operating frameworks

We then create the necessary processes, management systems, organization hierarchies, roles and responsibilities to optimize sustainable results from each particular digitalization element. These digitalization elements, among many others, can include:
Autonomous Operations
Big data
Cyber-Physical Systems
Cloud Computing
Client Success

Rapidly delivered sustainable results and organizational change

30% Increased OEE in 90 days

Packaging company introduced standardization management routines with a KPI system used for a thorough review process

$2M Reduction in WIP inventory

Medical device manufacturer on track for an overall reduction of $40M in inventory costs

35% Reduced overall rate of non-compliance

Biotech company established an improvement program for reducing
rejects and redesigning process parameters


More than operations consulting – we enable technology through our valued partnerships

Develop a digitalization roadmap and implement a pilot in 90 days while delivering tangible results

Designed to help businesses compete and deliver new performance levels by enabling, connecting, analyzing, and delivering up-to-the-second data, information and knowledge anytime, anywhere to all the necessary decision-makers to make robust and informed decisions in real-time, with certainty.

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Overcome the demanding challenge of deploying smart manufacturing technology rapidly to deliver peak operational performance and efficiency faster

Our partnership helps our clients – across several sectors, including Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Metals and Mining, Life Sciences, Food Beverage, Paper and Tissue, and Packaging – deliver best-in-class performance across a wide array of performance metrics.

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Accelerate the digital journey today

Despite COVID-19 putting most organizations’ 4.0 initiatives on ice, the more prominent players across the manufacturing spectrum are gaining momentum in Industry 4.0. Companies that don’t successfully deploy Industry 4.0 in the immediate term will likely not be in business five years from now. Wherever our clients are on their digital journey, there is always another step to take.
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