We drive sustainable change by enabling People, Process, Systems, and Technology


Strategy, People & Organization

Utilize a holistic and fully integrated approach that drives change, promotes engagement, collaboration, and communication throughout the organization – and ensure that solutions are sustainable and owned at every level of the organization.
Strategic Planning
Develop strategic vision
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Culture Design
Articulate desired culture & analyze the current culture
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Organizational Design
Diagnose what level of organizational design is required to support goals
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Change Enablement
Develop a comprehensive change plan to support impacts to the organization and people.
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Talent & Performance Management
Attract and retain the best talent for your organization
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Operational Excellence

Improve maintenance efficiency, asset reliability, production optimization and quality results by implementing Opex processes and behaviors.
Health, Safety & Environment
Improve compliance with environmental regulations
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Lean/Six Sigma
Reduce (or eliminate) waste and cycle time, while leveraging work standardization
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Operational Cost Management
Improve asset capacity and lower per unit or overall operating cost
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Maintenance & Reliability
Increase OEE and reduce labor costs
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Production Optimization
Continuously improve production capabilities
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Quality Assurance
Boost client confidence, reduce impact of failures & increase competitive advantage
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Supply Chain

Conduct rigorous assessments of the entire supply chain process to identify key risks, and prioritize in value, the sequence in which our clients will tackle the individual components of the supply chain to deliver the results critical to meet internal and external stakeholder expectations.
Sourcing & Procurement
Yield significant benefits in a short period of time by improving management of spend and spend controls.
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Distribution, Warehousing & Logistics
Improve the overall efficiency of warehousing and distribution operations plus network optimization
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Innovation and new product development (npd)
Better manage the innovation and npd processes by efficiently and effectively using stage-gates
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Management Operating Systems (MOS)

Ensure that the management systems are integrated from top to bottom, and providing the right information, to the right people, at the right time.
Business process Reengineering
Implement change within complex processes.
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Metrics, Data & Target Setting
Reveal theoretical maximums to avoid covering up potential addressable waste.
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Behavior Change
Ensure permanent gains through permanent behavior change.
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Meeting Management
Show the workforce to understand how to manage the process.
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I.T. Systems Configuration
Avoid divergence between real-world process needs and pre-programmed system needs.
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Roles & Responsibilities
Reduce & eliminate poor job performance.
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Industry 4.0

We help our clients better understand exactly where they need help in reference to Industry 4.0, then help them define their real needs and the appropriate solution for those needs.

Everything we do to build our company comes down to making and keeping a single promise:
Turn Potential Into Reality

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