We focus on radical behavior change at every level of the organization


Define Potential

Every Audere Partners engagement begins by collaborating with the client to identify current gaps and opportunities, then collectively set daring and bold goals. We focus on ensuring that leadership, at every level, is fully engaged and aligned as a team, with both the desired outcomes and plan to deliver the agreed objectives and timelines.


Drive Change Management

Once in agreement, we deploy our suite of simple, effective management systems, processes, and tools to achieve client goals.

A critical stage in the overall process. This is a significant failing for many organizations, given that 75% of change initiatives fail to deliver their desired outcomes/results. For our engagements, it starts with winning hearts and minds. The high levels of engagement generated in the first part of our process, really begin to pay dividends as we work with people at all levels of the organization to change how work is viewed, executed, managed and outcomes delivered.


Change Behaviors

We focus on changing behaviors through daily interaction, coaching, mentoring and follow-up.

Behavior change is both complex and challenging. It requires time and considerable effort. For practices to change, people must see the rapid and positive value and results from efforts to streamline processes and systems. For behavior change to occur, there must be a change in workplace attitudes and values, one of the many reasons why our focus on behavior change is centered on daily interactions, one-to-one coaching, mentoring and follow-up across all levels of the organization


Deliver Results

We drive knowledge transfer to the people, which improves employee capabilities and competencies increase confidence and encourages engagement in the change process. The knowledge transfer, training, and coaching ensure that employees own the change and continually deliver sustainable results and future value for the organization.

Sustainable results, both qualitative and quantitative, are the ultimate indicator of success for any change management initiative. Our promise to our clients is that not only will we Turn Potential Into Reality®, but are fully committed to the business case, and will remain until all results are satisfactorily delivered, with fixed cost engagements. We guarantee that your organization will NOT be one of that 75 % of organizations that fail to deliver results from their change initiatives.

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