Value Chain

Tried & tested, three-phase methodology

After successful delivery of thousands engagements, we have landed on a tried and tested, three-phase methodology:


Situational Diagnosis

Typically 1 to 5 days
Nominal fee

Once an area of concern has been identified (such as a particular region, plant or function) we seek to gain basic understanding via a short visit to the in-scope facilities.

Basic premises of concern
Nature of the problem
Level of client sophistication
Level of resistance to change

Any addressable issues of sufficient scale will be presented, in addition to understanding:

If Audere Partners can solve it
What it will take to conduct a full-scale analysis
If it's worth pursuing

Scoping visits are purely diagnostic in nature, which give our clients the ability to skip and move directly to analysis.


Rigorous deep-dive into the in-scope problem

Typically 3 to 6 weeks
Based upon the resources required

We will deploy one dedicated Analyst, who will lead an analysis team mostly made up of SMEs. This team will eventually conduct the next phase, Implementation, to ensure knowledge and momentum preservation from phase 2 to 3.

We will take time with in-scope – from C-Suite down – to observe how and why things are done.
Perform extensive desktop analysis of all relevant data while simultaneously seeking to confirm the accuracy of the systems and processes used to generate that data.
Conduct extensive interviews with affected personnel to understand their POV on why results are as they are.

Combining all these data sources allows us to paint an accurate picture of the factors affecting performance and how much that performance can be changed via the implementation.


By triangulating what we see, what we hear and what the client data tells us, an incredible depth of knowledge is created for our clients to understand the issue deeply. In addition, our clients receive:

Sufficient business case for follow-up implementation work
Proposal to conduct the implementation, based upon a project design created at the end of the analysis phase

Where the actual work of “change” takes place

Typically 20 to 100 weeks dependent on size & complexity of the issue
Based upon the resources required

Once a business case, proposal and project approach have been reviewed and agreed by our clients, phase 3 begins.

An appropriately sized team of SMEs is deployed full-time (5 days/week) – lead by a project manager and supported by an account executive (typically a VP or managing partner) – and get to work by creating working teams and engaging with staff directly.

During Implementation
Our clients see extensive focused activity, based around a clear set of deliverables.
Appropriate results monitoring method will be set up, often with the finance group, which will be agreed upon in advance and managed by our clients' organization.
Processes and methods are designed to expose weaknesses and opportunities to address it.
Our clients experience the ‘change cycle’ of emotions, which lead to hard decisions, often about people.

At the end of an engagement, if promised results (as measured by our clients) are not as agreed, we will stay on at no further cost (except travel expenses) until results are delivered; such timeline overruns rarely happen.

Our basic approach does not change. What changes are the experts we deploy, the methods / tools we bring to bear, and the emphasis we place on key parts of our clients value chain.

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