Professional Fees

Say goodbye to the time and materials model

We price our engagements on a fixed fee basis. There are no “hidden fees” or surprises that can arise from typical “time and materials” arrangements.

Determine the project ROI with certainty

With our fixed price fee model, clients can confidently calculate the anticipated project ROI. They can also accurately budget for the investment in our services. At the end of the Analysis phase, we provide clients with a projected cash flow forecast and expected breakeven point before beginning an Implementation phase.

Less focus on cost, more on the results and deliverables

We focus on delivering pre-defined results and outcomes, not billable hours. Utilizing our results-based approach, we are willing to appropriately put some portion of our fees “at-risk” based on the completion of milestones and deliverables. In exchange, we ask for the opportunity to participate in a percentage of any “upside” over and above our contracted benefits.

See our commitment to the results

Our commitment to delivering results for a fixed-fee means we will invest additional resources as required to ensure our programs remain on track and contracted deliverables are met without any increase in our professional fees. This doesn’t happen often, but we do it when required as our commitment to our client’s success.

Costs varies by which phase our clients need

Our professional fees are based upon the scope of work and the resources required to deliver it. We don’t engage in “value-based pricing,” where fees are a percentage of savings.

Scoping visits can often be our first engagement with a client. These are broad in nature and provide the impetus for an Analysis phase. Due to their short-term nature, typically less than five days, we only charge a nominal fee.
Nominal fee
A lead analyst + team will be deployed to rigorously deep-dive into the in-scope problem. By triangulating what we see, what we hear and what the client data tells us, an incredible depth of knowledge is created for our clients to understand the issue deeply. The Analysis identifies current state issues, defines the potential benefits case, and develops the Implementation road map. The Analysis phase is purely diagnostic, so we heavily discount our Implementation fees.
Based upon the resources required
During the implementation phase, our teams partner with clients to deliver the agreed benefits and drive the required changes in the organization. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to address the areas of need identified during the Analysis.
Based upon the resources required

For our Implementation programs, the ratio of annualized benefits to professional fees is typically 5:1 but can vary from as little as 2:1 to 30:1 or greater

Implementation programs are our focus because we deliver results for our clients and “Turn Potential Into Reality®.” We seek to invest in relationships with our clients. As such, we discount our early phase work (Scoping and Analysis) to show our commitment to our clients.

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What our clients say about working with us

Audere Partners was instrumental in putting together the building blocks to better manage our portfolio, up to the point that they knew our data better than we did. We appreciate getting a sustainable solution with the invaluable knowledge-transfer and coaching.

Global Construction Products Company
Vice President

This work has really transformed my plant and the people in the plant to consistently achieve higher production. I now trust my supervisors to do the right things every shift.

Specialty Chemical Company
Plant Manager

We are finally investing in our most important assets – our people and our equipment – by installing world class maintenance principles.

Commodity Chemicals Company
Maintenance Workstream Leader

The Audere project has definitely helped us accelerate our results by adding rigor, discipline and structure to processes that were already very good

O&G Company
Vice President

The incredible increase in volume over the last 6 years delivers remarkable improvement to our top and bottom lines. But the record I am most proud of is that we accomplished this while dramatically improving our safety performance.

Commodity Chemicals Company
Plant Manager

This level of rigor, savings and clarification of roles and responsibilities is exactly what I wanted to accomplish with this Workstream.

Global Construction Materials Company
Global Supply Chain Leader

The most important expectation we had was that we would be able to sustain the gains we achieved during each phase of our improvement project and smoothly transition to a continuous improvement culture.

Commodity Chemicals Company
Director of Continuous Improvement

This could have been an extremely painful process in making us look at ourselves in the mirror, but the level of engagement and communication from the Audere Team throughout the process, made it a very positive experience for the entire team. Audere also did an excellent job in driving ownership of the findings deep into the organization, which was crucial to future success.

Power Company
Senior Vice President