Audere Partners is a daringly innovative operations and management consulting practice with global reach and expertise across a range of industries. At Audere Partners, we believe that the unique challenges our clients face represent boundless opportunities for improvement. We focus on changing the behavior at all levels of client organizations to ensure that we deliver extraordinary results and ultimately Turn Potential Into Reality®.


Since 1999, the four Audere Partners have worked together in various 'Ops' consulting firms. They worked hard, were successful, and helped clients achieve results. However, 16 years later, they all came to the realization that there is a better way: a better way to approach client business, a better way to collaborate and a better way to drive client success.

The partners decided to set up on our own and chose the name 'Audere,' which should give you an idea of our mindset. Audere Partners was differentiated by having values that form the foundation of our business. Many organizations list a set of values that just become platitudes and lip service, but not Audere; we live and breathe our values.

The other key to our success is at the core of the brand, 'Collaboration.' The four Audere Partners have been likened to the Four Musketeers, and their mantra of 'all for one and one for all' could not be more appropriate. Clients have recognized theses differences and enjoy working with an organization who will Turn Potential Into Reality® Every Time.


'Audere' is far more potent than just a name; it is a statement of intent, an attitude of mind and a mantra the company lives by.


Our brand values support and elaborate on our essence. They are an expression of what we are passionate about and what we strive to express. They are vital elements of our identity that define who we are, our daily behavior and help determine what we deliver at the 'touch points' when we interact with clients.

Always ensure safe work practices with zero harm to people and the environment
"Before founding Audere, we the founders met to discuss the possibility of doing so. The first order of business at that first, critical meeting, was a safety moment. We will not operate in any other way."
– Jim Murdoch, Managing Partner
Audere Partners Safety
We are wholly focused on driving client success
"During an implementation project, external circumstances changed for a client so radically that the project basically became irrelevant. Rather than demand that we finish our contract to the letter and get paid as contracted, our team worked with the client to completely throw out the existing project and develop a scope of work that would be strategically and tactically relevant under the new circumstances. We did not renegotiate. There was no price change and no arguments. We simply switched focus and did what was right for the client, to make them successful."
– Barry Samaria, Managing Partner
The integrity of our work and relationships is of the utmost importance
"Every single Audere project has a business case with tangible outcomes defined and agreed at the start of the implementation. The project will then develop the ‘Baseline and Evaluation Methodology.’ Baseline and Evaluation Methodology is simply a tracking tool that translates and measures results from changes in operational metrics, into annualized and cumulative savings totals so that we can measure client success. On one project, a team member found a calculation error in the Evaluation Methodology, three-quarters of the way through the project. Once corrected, this showed that we had missed a savings target by a small amount, rather than exceeding it by a significant amount. We did not conceal this. We immediately told the client and quickly worked to make up the cost savings. The team had to stay slightly longer than planned (on our dime) to meet the savings commitment. During all of this, no single team member even considered the possibility of ignoring the error and leaving things as they stood. We cannot declare a win, knowing that we had done so based on incomplete data."
– Jason Armistead, Managing Partner
Innovation drives us to dare to think and be different
At Audere Partners, Innovation is a fundamental building block in our firm’s DNA. We chose the name Audere very intentionally, trying to stay true to the core meaning of Audere: to dare, to be bold.
Innovation comes in the shape of either breakthrough or incremental change. We are principally focused on incremental innovation because we believe that our approach and methodologies have always delivered significant value for our clients, and helped turn their potential into reality. We are always looking to incremental innovation for ways to continue to optimize value creation for our clients and ourselves.
We are using innovation to streamline our internal processes and systems, e.g., the T&E system, payroll process, etc. Our client-based teams focus on finding ways to innovate, either through internal efforts or partnering with companies that have cutting edge technology. We are seeing the tremendous potential and impact of adding technology to our existing change management toolbox, whether it is AI, big data, Industry 4.0, etc.
"As an organization, we will continue to think outside the box, and innovate to optimize value for our clients."
– Brian Smith, Managing Partner
We have absolute respect for all individuals
"[Time management] When we book a time to meet with a senior executive (or anyone in a client organization for that matter) we arrive early and wait. We don’t treat our time as any more valuable than our clients. We wait until our client is ready and don’t leave unless we are sure that the meeting has been postponed or canceled. In this way, we demonstrate respect for everyone’s time, which is an irreplaceable treasure."
– Barry Samria, Managing Partner
Is the heart and soul of our company
"Consultants are often valued for what they know, and what they may carry in their consulting ‘tool kit.’ As such, many consultants are reluctant to share tools, templates, methodologies or experiences if they are not directly paid by a client to do so. At Audere, when our organization hears that a project has a new problem or challenge, there is an immediate flood of email traffic as our staff and contractors begin sending what they consider to be relevant or helpful materials to the project team. "Our people do what they can to make every project team successful and pass on what they have learned elsewhere. Team spirit is higher than I have ever seen it elsewhere."
– Jason Armistead, Managing Partner

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