Inorganic Growth Strategy
May 9, 2019

Many companies have a strategy element based on inorganic growth; that is growing the business through M&A activity. The challenge for businesses is to successfully plan and execute the integration of the acquired company into their portfolio as there are many options and hybrids of options from which to choose. Maintain it as a standalone operation merely sweeping the cash flow into the consolidated treasury? Are they using the acquisition as the base for a build-up of new buys? Integrate all or a portion of the business into current operations? Keep some product lines, sell off others?

Audere Partners have helped clients answer these questions and successfully implement the resulting strategic decisions. Our core business value is focused on client results; ensuring that the work we do results in clients gaining the most benefit of their implementation programs.

We support client M&A programs with various service offerings, starting with operational due diligence (ODD). ODD allows clients to fully understand the current operations-safety culture and practices of the target. The result of this analysis is the basis for planning and implementing a successful integration by having a thorough understanding of how the goal operates in ‘real life.’

Taking direction from the client on its operational strategy we collaboratively build the detailed integration plan that validates the initial strategic value proposition and identifies the activities, timing, and resources required to complete the integration subject the objective; maintain independence, use as a base or fully integrate.

The tools & methodologies Audere uses to implement business integration enable the organizational transformation for our clients, and they provide the foundation to drive a behavioral shift at every layer of the business to focus on safety, reliability, and consistency of operations. Given this cultural shift, we are confident that clients will continuously break production records in the years to come!

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