Interview with Jason Armistead, Managing Partner
September 19, 2017

Why did you decide to start Audere Partners?
Based on my 20 years in the consulting industry, working my way up from Consultant to Executive Vice President, I have had many opportunities to learn from both the successes and failures of the companies for which I have worked. Company success today does not guarantee continued future success. In many cases, success and growth breed bureaucracy, which inevitably leads to focus away from delivering client success. We focus completely on the business needs of our clients; we are only successful if our clients are successful.

What are your goals for Audere Partners?
My number one goal for Audere Partners is to have 100% of our clients singing our praises for the quality of work done, the quality of resources we bring to the table and the sustainable results delivered. One-hundred percent satisfaction is an extremely difficult goal, but we believe it is achievable. To do this, we must get out of our own comfort zones. We must push ourselves and our teams to be bold and daring and to deliver more than they ever have before.

What do you feel is the competitive advantage Audere Partners has over other companies?
I fully believe that our competitive advantage is the quality and experience of the team that we have assembled. Our team is dedicated to breaking the consulting mold and is always focused on client success. We have this enthusiastic team because they believe in the company we have founded and in our vision and mission.

Several companies claim to offer the same services. How will you work differently with clients?
It is true that multiple companies offer, in theory, the same services that we do. We all have similar backgrounds. However, even though we may have similar origins, we are not focused on the same things. Audere Partners is, first and foremost, focused on client successes. We know that many industries and potential clients face similar issues. Subsequently, many competitors focus on presenting “canned” solutions. If we are going to live our Credo – we must be bold and dare to break this cycle. We believe each client and project is unique and we present individualized solutions for each engagement.

If asked, what would be the best compliment or praise a client could present to Audere Partners?
I think that the best thing that a client could say about Audere Partners is that we are a true partner, who brings integrity, honesty and truly sustainable results to every engagement. Also, I hope that they would have great things to say about our people – that they are driven and results-oriented but also humble, kind people.

What do you think your greatest asset is for Audere partners?
I think that my 20 years of consulting experience have readied me to take the next step and lead my own company. I hope to grow both the business and personal relationships that I have built in this time. I feel my greatest asset for Audere Partners hinges on my relationship – both with clients and team members. I enjoy being a mentor; encouraging all my teams to learn and improve.

What is your favorite quote and why?
Throughout my career, I have come to embrace the view of General George Patton who said, “A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.” All consultants at one time or another have become mired in details, hoping that one more piece of data will provide the perfect solution to the current problem. Wasting time, waiting for the perfect solution, wastes opportunities in the present.

What are three pieces of professional advice that you would give to new consultants?
First, I would remind new consultants that you only succeed in this job if you build and maintain relationships. I have clients with whom I have worked for almost half of my career. Successful relationships eventually lead to other business opportunities. The second piece of advice I would provide is to help others succeed; not just the clients but also your team members. Consulting is not an individual sport, we ALL succeed or ALL fail together. Finally, I would remind them to have fun. Work should only be one part of the life they lead.

Founding and running a new company can be demanding, how do you balance your priorities?
Founding a new company is indeed stressful, but I have surrounded myself with exceptional people, and we all share the load. We know that none of us can do this alone. I know that we have a strong team at Audere Partners and that we will successfully handle any situation. The benefit is that I can take the time to focus on my family, who have supported me through this crazy career. We like to travel, especially to warm locations, where we can be active – playing golf- or just relax and enjoy a drink by the pool.