A Fresh Approach to Operations Management Consulting
September 5, 2017

A Fresh Approach to

Operations Management Consulting

Partners Jason Armistead and Barry Samria Launch Audere Partners – a daring, bold and innovative Operations Management Consulting company

DENVER, COLORADO, September 7, 2017, /PRNewswire/ – Jason Armistead and Barry Samria, capitalizing on their combined 50+ years of consulting experience, have partnered to create Audere Partners, a new, innovative consulting powerhouse. The operations management consulting sector is currently undergoing significant changes. There are many consulting groups, however, none provide the proven success record of the Audere Partners Team.

According to Consulting Magazine “The consultant of tomorrow will be a broker of talent, a doer, a participant in the industry, rather than a consultant to it.”1 Audere Partners was founded on this very philosophy. According to Barry Samria, Managing Partner, “It would have been incredibly difficult to pass on this opportunity to create this organization, which I believe has exceptional leadership, a clear identity and direction, and a purpose driven culture where the partners and the company stand for something beyond just optimizing profits. It is full of passionate people who collaborate and innovate to provide the best solution for each client, where the needs of the client organization take precedence always.”

According to Plunkett Research, global consulting is a $488 billion industry that is continuing to grow at more than 3% per year. Audere Partners sees this as a huge opportunity to be daring and bold, and map a new consulting relationship with clients. “It is very exciting to be joining a dynamic group, with a strong history of success, so focused on the success of their clients. I want 100% of our clients singing our praises for the quality of work done by the exceptional people completing the work” said Jason Armistead, Managing Partner.

Audere Partners, a daring and bold Operations Management Consulting company, plans to be among the most innovative global consulting firms. Audere Partners has deep industry experience with successful engagements for more than 50 companies across multiple geographies and sectors including Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Mining, and Healthcare.

1 Amla, Ismail. “The Future of Consulting.” Consulting Magazine, April 2017, p. 20–21